Welcome Dr. Eugene van Niekerk

Broadmoor Health Clinic and Dr. Don Nixdorf is pleased to announce Dr. Eugene van Niekerk is joining the Richmond practice (1972) this Friday July 03. Dr. Eugene and Dr. Don have been preparing and working closely the past month to ensure patients receive their usual and customary health care including prevention education. Spine and related health problems present serious problems which must be appropriately cared for. Dr. Eugene is a graduate of the New Zealand Chiropractic (2017) and licenced to practice in Vancouver since 2019. Patient assessment, diagnosis, x-ray interpretation continues at Broadmoor with the mainstream spine adjustment procedure giving patient’s the safest and earliest opportunity for recovery. The core procedure referred to as spine adjustment technique has been the foundation of most persons early recovery of most spine and related conditions regardless if neck (cervical) or low back (lumbar). These procedures have been the core patient treatment provided in 4 research trials in hospital and related location in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario including an award for the study funded by WorkSafeBC.

Doctors, staff, and patients continue to receive regular virus screening during this pandemic period as well. Our clinic also features in office digital x-ray for spine and related conditions which contribute to the patient’s long-term health record. Persons injured while working or in a car crash should contact Broadmoor clinic as soon as possible for early recovery and return to work. No referral is required under any circumstances. Clinic hours are available Monday through Saturday by appointment.

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