Our clinic service and care includes cold laser therapy. While individual experience may vary, research as well as our patient experiences demonstrate significant rapid improvement and long term recovery of conditions including your shoulder which may be described as a bursitis or frozen shoulder that is long standing including inability to sleep on the painful side.

The experience being reported by patients includes less pain, increased range of motion, and being able to sleep better after only two applications of cold laser. Further, each application is approximately 4-5 minutes in duration. This indicates technology is contributing to your better care.A further technology our clinic provides patients is a fabric which helps treat injury or chronic conditions associated with “connective tissue”.

The original use for the “smart fibre” was research funded by the Ministry of Health in 1987 for treat effects of amputation commonly called phantom limb pain.  The fabric is proven in published research to minimizes the exposure to ordinary environment emf. Subsequent research on the effect from the absence of emf is found with Google search “PubMed Farabloc”  or www.farabloc.com/research.

Research since 2012 has also demonstrated major benefit for wound closure including post surgery.