Testimonials – Chronic Pain

Evidence based absence of EMF removes chronic pain.

Larry Gardner, an amputee for 39 years, discusses how Farabloc provides consistent pain relief for his amputee phantom limb pain.

Farabloc User Robert Goodrick discusses Farabloc treatment of chronic knee pain.

Amputee Paralympic Swimmer Stephanie Dixon discusses Farabloc for Pain Relief

George Illot discusses Farabloc for Chronic Illness Pain Relief

Mildred Dennis discusses Farabloc for Pain Relief of her Osteoarthritis.

Jane Mason discusses Farabloc Pain Relief Clothing for treatment of sports pain and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Certified Prosthetist Tony van der Waarde discusses Farabloc integration technique, where Farabloc is laminated into the amputee’s prosthetic socket, providing continuous pain relief while wearing the limb.

St. George’s College student speaks about Farabloc – sports injury: hamstring.



Laser use in clinical care is providing major new patient recovery from chronic pain.