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Meet Dr. Don Nixdorf

Dr. Don Nixdorf is a chiropractor and well known health professional, author, radio talk show host, TV personality, and keynote speaker speaking about your health care and costs. Dr. Don Nixdorf is a leading authority on patient care and health care reform. His chiropractic clinic has been helping patients and their families since 1972.

Dr. Don Nixdorf received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1972 and has practiced ever since in Richmond, BC. After serving on both the Association and College regulatory boards, Dr. Don Nixdorf became Executive Director of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association in 1985. He is a participant in provincial studies and Commissions on health care and a member of national and provincial agencies.

He is a director and vice-president of Farabloc Development Corporation which conducts research and provides apparel and custom applications that decrease the personal exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields). This has been demonstrated to reduce common chronic musculoskeletal and related pain.

Dr. Don Nixdorf is a registrant of the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia and member of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Don Nixdorf has been the host of radio talk programs on health care at two Vancouver radio stations for fifteen years. Key to these programs were expert guests from North America and BC audience and listeners calling in with their comments and questions. The subject matters always identified important topics with guests including health ministers, health professionals and other notable persons conducting research.

In 2005 Dr. Don Nixdorf co-authored “Squandering Billions Health Care In Canada” with Gary Bannerman. This book is a must read for each person as taxpayer and patient. The book identifies that there is enough funding for health care and describes how the better care from health professionals is the key for better outcomes and lower costs.

As a chiropractor, innovative science and technology techniques continue to be Dr. Don’s interest. The clinic utilizes innovative technology which is evidence based including low level laser and fabric technology that has demonstrated the absence of high EMF has a profound affect for better health.

Dr. Don Nixdorf is available for presentations and workshops to help understand, treat, and prevent spine and spine related conditions. Please contact Dr. Nixdorf for availability and to discuss your presentation.