Empowered Health Season 2 Episode 1 – Introduction

Empowered Health Season 2 Episode 1 – Introduction

Empowered Health Season 2 Introduction

By Dr. Don Nixdorf

Is it really possible to regenerate a damaged spinal disc? Can a car seat actually help to prevent injury during a car crash? How do I really know if I am making progress in my recovery? These are just a few of the questions we’ll address in season 2 of Empowered Health. Research, education and practice are all up for discussion in the weeks ahead.

But let’s talk about research first. Despite what some may suggest, there is a substantial amount of chiropractic research available and currently being conducted around the world. In fact, right here in our own backyard at UBC, a chiropractic PhD, Dr. Jean-Sébastien Blouin, is involved in groundbreaking work in the areas of whiplash biomechanics and standing balance. Simply put, Dr. Blouin is looking for new and more effective ways to prevent injury and keep Canadians safe.

This is a common theme with all research – to benefit the health of Canadians. Twelve major universities across the country are home to talented chiropractic researchers or “chairs” through the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF). From vertebral stem cell therapies to rehabilitation epidemiology and everything else in between, these research chairs are on the leading edge of groundbreaking discoveries in health.

We are fortunate to have interviews with nine of these talented individuals during the run of Empowered Health. In addition, we met with several other chiropractors who employ unique technologies such as weight bearing (or standing) MRI and Video fluoroscopy (video X-ray). Plus, we added some great interviews from chiropractors and other health professionals on public protection matters such as diagnosis, informed consent and finding quality supplements.

Through the Empowered Health program, we want to convey all of the ways BC’s chiropractic doctors are contributing to your health- whether it is research into therapies or information to make a more informed decision. More importantly, our goal is to ensure you have the tools you need to make the right health choices for you and your family. To quote the BC Ministry of Health 2006/07-2008/09 service plan: “The greatest untapped resource in health care is the consumer. Well-informed patients get better care from their doctors and provide better care for themselves. The issue at hand is how to get the right information into the hands of the right person at the right time.

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