Empowered Health Season 2 Episode 15 – Weight Loss (part 2)

Empowered Health Season 2 Episode 15 – Weight Loss (part 2)

Fibre could be the key to weight maintenance

The business of weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. But Dr. Michael Lyon MD explains that it is not just simply about eating less and exercising more. Weight maintenance is critical to ensuring the success of anyone who wishes to lose weight. A revolutionary fibre called PolyGlycopleX (trade name PGX) is restoring hope for those who have struggled for years to keep the weight off.

The traditional methods of weight loss usually employ some type of calorie counting premise where the individual eats less in hopes of losing weight. It is possible to lose weight by eating less, but this is easier said than done. Most people will find themselves using “will power” to avoid certain foods or too much food. Dr. Lyon describes the use of will power “like a muscle”. If you exercise the muscle enough it will get tired. When it becomes tired, it becomes harder to resist the urge to indulge. This can become a slippery slope, putting people at risk of gaining back even more weight than they initially lost.

Through his research, Dr. Michael Lyon has isolated a fibre that is helping thousands of individuals around the world with the challenge of weight maintenance. PGX is a viscous (very thick, dense and sticky) fibre that when taken in supplement form can help the body feel full. This means individuals who take this fibre with their meals are more likely to eat fewer calories but still feel satisfied. The concept of fewer calories leads to weight loss and weight maintenance in most adults.

The extra fibre also slows the process of digestion which usually results in fewer calories being absorbed. Another benefit from ingesting this fibre is more consistent blood sugar. Several published research articles point to more balanced blood sugar levels as a result of taking PGX with meals. There are limited to no side effects since fibre is not digested or absorbed by the body.

The fibre is a game changed for many people who have struggled with their weight, but ultimately, the conversation of weight loss and weight maintenance is one you should have with your primary health care provider. Maintaining a healthy body weight is ideal for all aspects of your health.

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